Album Cover
"All they know is love and laughter"
Stan Davis
Released: Jan 16, 2016
Label: At Home Records
Track Listing
1 Through my Grandchildrens’ Eyes
2 You Wear Me Out
3 All They Know
4 Barking Our Brains Out
5 Arsenic, Radon, and Ticks
6 I’m Your Phone
7 Walk Away From You
8 My Imperfections
9 Can’t Let Go
10 That’s When I Need You
11 It’s Hard to Write Love Songs
12 Ageless Heart
13 Heaven on Earth

Liner Notes

Hey all- after a friend challenged me to do a "basement tape"- a very simple home recording of some of my latest songs, I worked out a way to get CD quality sound out of a very simple rig- one voice microphone and my guitar plugged in. Now I have a brand new CD of a baker's dozen recent songs- local, organic, all natural stories about life: "All they know is love and laughter- the living room sessions". These are all recorded live with no overdubbing- songs about grandchildren, community, love in many varieties, and ageless hearts. A copy can be yours for $10 postpaid ... paypal to or message me or even send a check to Stan Davis 409 North Wayne Rd Wayne ME 04284.

You will find links to a collection of three of the songs on youtube on my "video" page

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